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Five Common Mobile threats that You Ignore

We all know that online security softwares are must for protection of your computer against the online threats that arise from the internet. But do you know that we live in the era where smart phones are becoming the new display and platforms to access internet. Also, your mobile phones are more vulnerable to the online malware than computers. Your computer can easily be exploited, once the hacker gets his hands on your phone. It is because your mobile phone and computer are linked to same wireless network and also that you back up your device to your computer.

Here are five most common threats that have the capability to harm your device which most of you ignore. Norton Customer Care offer tricks and tips to protect customers from such common threats. You can contact the Norton team via Norton Helpline Number to learn about safety measures that you should take against the following threats.
Trojans and Virus
Not just laptops and desktops but your mobile phones can also be affected by the Trojans and viruses. These usually come attach with a program that may seem legitimate to you and slowly hijack your data and personal information including your bank details. There are some viruses that even send text messages and cost you tons of bills. Norton Customer Care executives assist customers to get started with Norton Internet Security software and guide them to take appropriate measures for better protection.
Malware and Spyware
Malware are programs which collect data for advertising often without your consent. Sometimes these malware come with Spyware which collect information about you and also contacts, and location, based on your internet usage. However, this may not be a matter of concern for you but it is to the people who know you.
Phishing Apps
Phishing apps are the new faces of old tricky email asking your information because of a problem. Due to smaller screen of mobile phones it gets difficult to differentiate between legitimate and phishing apps.
Drive-by downloads
One click on the wrong website or wrong email exposes your device and initiates installation of ‘drive by download’ malware which get installed without any consent. If you have Norton software installed in your device, you can contact Norton Helpline Number instantly to get it removed immediately.
Browser Exploits
Browser exploits are malware that take advantage of security flaws in your mobile browser and enter your device. These malwares are potential to exploit applications like Flash that run along with the browser. Security softwares are competent to protect your device to an extent against such exploits. Norton Customer Care is available for help during such situations and technical errors. Norton users can reach out to Norton Customer Care team via Norton Helpline Number.